Sunday, May 13, 2007

Side B: Prompt #1

hooray for a new mix! the first prompt, as always, is the lyrics to the first song on the mix. the rest are a little more... elusive?

i love love love this first song... it's called "flat foot floogie". i have heard a few renditions of this song, but i gotta say the fats waller version is a personal favorite.

here are the lyrics to "flat foot floogie". as always, you are free to draw inspiration from this prompt in any way you choose. you can even analyze the song if you like... totally open-ended and such.

* * *

check out the first edition of
prompt response (side a!) if you're wondering what the hell this is all about!

general note: all responses to the prompts must be received by june 17th. i will be posting prompts until june 10th. you can submit them to promptresponse(AT)hotmail(PUT A DOT HERE)com!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

prompt response: side a website has been launched!

all the prompts, the tracks that inspired them, and the responses that were submitted are posted on the prompt response: side a website! thanks so much to all who contributed to this inaugural edition of the prompt response project. Robert Lee Brewer, Jacob Charles, Noah Falck, Melinda Farrar, Jason O'Mara and Jenna Strauchen submitted drawings, photos, poems, stories, and music, and I couldn't be more grateful.

new prompts will be posted for side b from now until june 10th! keep your eyes peeled. responses must be received by june 17th! you can submit your work via email and i will be happy to take a look. the first batch of prompts will be posted this week!

cheers and many thanks to everyone supporting this project!

- k

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Side A: Prompt #20

This is the last prompt for Side A!!!

Describe a morning after a night when you didn't go to sleep.

Okay, now... all 20 prompts have been posted for this mixCD. All responses are due April 21st to my email address which you have probably received on myspace or livejournal. In early May, the website will be unveiled with all the responses to the prompts and the tracklisting that inspired all this noise. Each of you participating will get a copy of the mix. Get to it!

Side A: Prompt #19

Using whatever medium you prefer, describe the people you feel closest to in this lifetime. You can use as many or as few adjectives as you like. What are some nicknames you use or little terms of endearment that you share?

Side A: Prompt #18

Fakin' it.

Use that in whatever context you like. And I hope you do.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Side A: Prompt #16

ex-loves, drunk-dialing, finding someone else after a breakup who is "safe" and "decent" while still thinking about your former wreck of a relationship wistfully... thinking to yourself you would no longer touch him or her with a ten-foot pole, but knowing if they came along you'd probably fall in love all over again and it would hurt like hell all over again.

the song that inspired this... i probably listened to it a million times last summer.